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Welcome to Newset dA Group dedicated to the Awesome Anime Block known as Toonami!

Remember the Rules:
1.) ONLY Artwork & Fanfics based on the Animes that air on Toonami (New & Old) are allowed
2.) Only Animes from Toonami are allowed,The Non-Anime Stuff Goes in the Non-Anime Folder.
3.) Put everything in the right floders
4.) have fun & remember :icontoonamitomplz: Stay Gold :iconexplosionplz: Bang.
Founded 5 Years ago
May 31, 2012


Group Focus
Anything Toonami Related

1,050 Members
1,009 Watchers
96,230 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews

Gallery Folders

Scavengers 'The Blue Ball' by CaliDave
Gundam Heavyarms EW Colors by Spartan-055
Starfire Perspective Sketch by CaptainEdwardTeague
Star Wars Cyclone Class R-Wing by calamitySi
Dragonball Series
(Dragon Ball Z) Son Goku 'Super Saiyan' by el-maky-z
Goku saves Gohan by BeeWinter55
346. Mr. Popo by BeeWinter55
Goku and Chi Chi walk by BeeWinter55
Sailor Moon Series
VECTOR [COMMISSION] Super Sailor Moon by ala21ddin21
VECTOR [COMMISSION] Sailor Uranus Sailor Neptune by ala21ddin21
COM: Sailor Mercury and Berthier by YohLah
AFO Sailor moon 2 by kingofthedededes73
Naruto Series
Commission Kirasha x Kiba by YohLah
NaruHina: Sunset Beauty (Close-up) by JuPMod
Deadman Wonderland
AFO Shiro 2 by kingofthedededes73
AFO Shiro 1 by kingofthedededes73
Megacon 2017 Shiro 1 by kingofthedededes73
Megacon 2017 Shiro 2 by kingofthedededes73
Loly Aivirrne Motivational by TheRisenChaos
Senna Motivational by TheRisenChaos
Kaa's new playmates by ArtistOtaku91

Mature Content

Bondage 7: Grimmjow by ArtistOtaku91
Double Twilight, SSGSS vs Midnight by gonzalossj3
Red Robot Rivalry by KaizerLagann1987

Mature Content

Crisis 2nd Form Colored by 4xEyes1987
Casshern Sins
Jayce And the Wheeled Warriors Avatar by florapolitis
Tetsuya by SelkisFritz
Kyashan by SelkisFritz
Lyuze - Happy B-day, Brina P. by TaylorsToonAdventure
One Piece
Rokushiki+ Hana Hana nous mi challenge by Minanionepiece
322. Pirates by BeeWinter55
Laaaw... by Valhala90
One Piece: Robin uses Shigan on Giant Prisoner by SUSHIFREAK101
Tenchi Muyo Series
Mihoshi by xSTARBUSTERx
FullMetal Alchemist Series
Greed by ArtistOtaku91
Gundam Series
Gato hair down by kaitlynrager
TOM v1-3.5,5 Adventures and Stuff
Sara - Comic 03 by Gairon
Cowboy Bebop
Cowboy bebop project. Background by Feael
Outlaw Star
Toonami - Outlaw Star Wallpaper by JPReckless2444
Ruroni Kenshin
Shishio Makoto by Penzoom
Ronin Warriors
Bushido Virtues by MDTartist83
Big O
Wentworth Miller as Roger Smith (Big 0) by attaturk5
Babbo finished by black-shaddow-walker
Rave Master
Leven Rambin as Reina (Rave Master) by attaturk5
BoBoBo BoBoBoBo

Mature Content

Bondage 3: Beauty and Gasser by ArtistOtaku91
Cardcaptor Sakura
Sakura has a bad day by MaxPaucar92
My Ham ham by zentron
Zoids Series
Jager by LazyRemnant
Zatch Bell
Suzy Mizuno Motivational by TheRisenChaos
Teen Titans Series
Cameron Boyce as Beast Boy by MZimmer1985
Duel Masters
Mimi and Shobu 02 by zoeyhanson
Yu Gi Oh Series
.: YGO : Lord of The Red :. by Sincity2100
Pokemon Anime Series
Vivid Days by KaizerLagann1987
Haruko by ArtistOtaku91
Non-Anime Stuff
Eyeshield 21
Sena the Football Player by HikaruMuto
Astro Boy
Atom in Toriyama's style by CAT02
Lion O from Thundercats by sykosan
Samurai 7
The Final days of Summer by DinoBirdMan
Prince of Tennis
Prince of Tennis by RearRabbit
Megaman Anime Series
High-Res LifeAura BattleChip by Mega-X-stream
Fan Made Toonami Stuff
Samurai Jack Finale Poster by TaylorsToonAdventure
Eureka 7 Series
Eureka waiting for Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution by SacrificatoEureka
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Asuka Langley by YohLah
Transformers Anime Series
Cyborg 009
Cyborg 009 #1 The Draft page 8 by TheZackBurg
Original Stuff
Go! Go! Kayefi Dee! New Redesign 2017 v2 by KentaDavidofKT
VECTOR [COMMISSION] Holly Rose by ala21ddin21
Case Closed
RJ Cyler as Shinichi Kudo (Case Closed) by attaturk5
Little Yura by YuraofthehairFan
$$60,000,000 Humanoid Typhoon by trav-mcdan
G-Force Gatchaman Series
Battle Of The Planets! by CreedStonegate
Blue Submarine No. 6
Mutio From Blue Submarine No. 6 by RainbowFay
Durarara - Tiny Shizuo by 7Repose
Martian Successor Nadesico
Uchuu Senkan Nadesico - Yurika by pu
Pilot Candidate
.: Yuki Mori :. by Sincity2100
Battle B-Daman Anime Series
Selfie B-Daman ES! by HayateHayashi94
Beyblade Anime Series
Perfect Duo | Rei x Mao [G-Revolution] II by The-Ly
Ultimate Muscle Kinkkuman Series
Kid Muscle by MollyKetty
Deltora Quest
((  L i e f - Pix )) by Geellick
Mix Master Final Force
Glaug 3050-Style by Darkton93
Saint Seiya Knights of the Zodiac Series
EG Movie Poster 1: Knightresses by BozzerKazooers
.hack Series
The Unknown Hero Of The Web by RB9
Voltron Series
Reboot Voltron Team meets Classic Voltron Team by ian2x4
Studio Ghibli Movies
Howl's Moving Castle Wallace and Gromit style by thearist2013
Blue Dragon
Marumaro by Sauron88
Soul Eater

Mature Content

Soul Eater - Maka In Soul's Jacket by Gairon
Toonami Top 20 - IGPX by JPReckless2444
Ghost in the Shell Series
Major Kusanagi by angry-alice
Sword Art Online
Kirito attack 6 by BeeWinter55
Record of Lodoss War
Dedlit 2 by tenro1
Gigantor the space age robot by TheZackBurg
Digimon Anime Series
Royal Knights Series : The Mentors by Ponzeus
Bakugan Anime Series
Darkus Uniflorx by animation-king
Space Dandy
AFO Space Dandy by kingofthedededes73
Hikaru No Go
Winter Snow by HikaruMuto
KIBA TV Animation Series

Mature Content

Zeref - The (not so) Dark Mage by SupremeDarkQueen
Tetsuoooooo by Ardhamon
Summer Wars
King Kazma. by tenro1
Black Lagoon
Attack on Titan
Emi Takei as Mikasa Ackerman (AOT) by attaturk5
Gurren Lagann
My First Stop Motion Test! by KaizerLagann1987
Hellsing Series
Stop being a dick, K9999 by ArtistOtaku91
Kill La Kill
DON'T LOSE YOUR WAY by KaizerLagann1987
Voice Actors Voice Actresses Folder
C2E2 2017: Me and Steve Blum by ian2x4
Akame Ga Kill
Megacon 2017 Akame by kingofthedededes73
Michiko and Hatchin
dangerous criminal by TovioRogers
Parasyte The Maxim
Toonami - Parasyte Marathon Wallpaper by JPReckless2444
Yo-kai Watch
[Artwork] The Jibanyans by Yuuyatails
Beast Saga
Inazuma Eleven Series
Dimension W
Dimension W: Mira by Lasercats6
Hunter X Hunter
David Mazouz as Killua Zoldyck (HxH) by attaturk5
One Punch Man
Saitama: Nope by KaizerLagann1987
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Toonami - Stardust Crusaders Poster by JPReckless2444
Samurai Deeper Kyo
Dan Doh
Ulysses 31
Flame of Recca
Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok
Tokyo Ghoul
Tenchi Huhan by animation-king
Lupin The III
20170527 - Fujiko - Bikini by Dustin-Eaton-Works


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Sugar + Spice Trading Card: SailorMoon by ArtofPri Sugar + Spice Trading Card: SailorMoon :iconartofpri:ArtofPri 2 0 The Night Begins To Shine by KumoISAMASHII The Night Begins To Shine :iconkumoisamashii:KumoISAMASHII 24 4 Aloha James by 81Scorp Aloha James :icon81scorp:81Scorp 63 6 PC: Gene and Melfina by KonaKoa PC: Gene and Melfina :iconkonakoa:KonaKoa 14 0 Fanime~Gene and Melfina by Schnikeman Fanime~Gene and Melfina :iconschnikeman:Schnikeman 7 0 Aloha James (first try) by 81Scorp Aloha James (first try) :icon81scorp:81Scorp 53 8 Samurai Jack [Speedpaint Link Below] by Corazon-Alro4 Samurai Jack [Speedpaint Link Below] :iconcorazon-alro4:Corazon-Alro4 45 4 Grimmjow - Bleach by digitalninja Grimmjow - Bleach :icondigitalninja:digitalninja 121 9 Ryuko Matoi sketch by AydanADub1863 Ryuko Matoi sketch :iconaydanadub1863:AydanADub1863 1 0 Aceman Is Here by Elquiora Aceman Is Here :iconelquiora:Elquiora 20 0 SSJ 3 Blue Goku -SkooB 11/23/16 by SkoobyForever SSJ 3 Blue Goku -SkooB 11/23/16 :iconskoobyforever:SkoobyForever 20 0 SSJ Blue Vegeta - SkooB 10/29/16 by SkoobyForever SSJ Blue Vegeta - SkooB 10/29/16 :iconskoobyforever:SkoobyForever 10 2 Vash - SkooB 10/29/16 by SkoobyForever Vash - SkooB 10/29/16 :iconskoobyforever:SkoobyForever 3 0 Outlaw Star by BrandonFranklin Outlaw Star :iconbrandonfranklin:BrandonFranklin 47 8 Im still alive by Auramiyonautica Im still alive :iconauramiyonautica:Auramiyonautica 18 11 Outlaw Star by Dejaguar Outlaw Star :icondejaguar:Dejaguar 76 21


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Sup Faithful!

This be The Creator, Kenta! (Not related to Tyler the Creator)


Lots of shit happened in this group so far!

Not only is Outlaw Star Returning in HD on REAL TOONAMI HOURS

We Got JJBA Stardust Crusaders up in this joint!

oh we also have 1022 members!


oh i met Steve Blum too..I LOVE HIS TOONAMI TATOO!

Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart in making this the best DAMN TOONAMI GROUP EVER on DA!

I may be away due to life and making my dream reality. But hey you got the other admins too to take care of stuff while the captain is busy!

I also made changes to feature folder. You can put one in but once you do. You have to wait a full year~ (That way it can prevent S P A M which i told y'all not to do in the past and made me close it for a while. i'm sure you guys learned lesson..)

so keep sending them arts to the groups and continue making this group a better cartoon group!

Keep supporting a better cartoon show that is REAL TOONAMI HOURS! SMASH THAT LIKE~

and if you can guess i want #RealToonamiHours to trend
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